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Deep down I always knew that I wanted more.  Having lost my mum, a close friend and my grandad when I was at university, I realised that life was short and didn’t want to waste it.  I always worked hard, but the idea of being trapped in a job terrified me! I graduated with a degree in Business and looked for work in London, but they were more interested in my tan and gave me a job on reception.  I tried a few sales and marketing jobs and got told I wasn’t cut-throat enough! 

I got made redundant from my marketing job with a Dotcom start-up and decided to max out the credit cards and go traveling, I spent a lot of time in South-East Asia and did just about any work anyone would offer me in Australia.  From cold calling to working on the cloakroom in a nightclub in Sydney, you name it I didn’t care what I did, it was all worth it for the amazing experiences. 


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What My clients are saying

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