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12 Tips for Mums Who Feel Short-Changed with Life & Want to Develop Their Mindset, Have More Money, & Take Opportunities!


Free ebook

What’s included in this eBook:

  • The key to success is how you communicate with yourself
  • Know that you are not your emotions
  • Understand yourself
  • Routines = setting up for a positive day
  • Create passive income
  • Take opportunities
  • Connect with your values
  • If you want to go fast go together
  • Question your beliefs around money
  • Outsource to get a better return on your time
  • Work out a financial freedom figure
  • Set goals and make yourself accountable

What My clients are saying

What My clients are saying

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I’ve written these top twelve tips to help you find a way to navigate out of the trap that I found myself in as a mother. In an interview Brene Brown talks about motherhood,

“there are hundreds of expectations, but very few realistic options for meeting those expectations”.