Holding Back

Have you ever wanted to speak out, to post something, but then held back?

Said something in your head and then stopped yourself from saying it out loud?

Written a post and deleted it before pressing send?

Planned what you were going to say to someone on the phone and then not said it?

Holding back on your true self, through fear of judgment and being rejected by others?

I know that in the past I have done this many, many times, but I have come to realise that I’ve just been rejecting myself ahead of time.

Wanting to be accepted is a natural human tendency, but in many cases, this is what really holds us back.  We don’t want others to judge us, so we don’t put ourselves out there to be judged.

But then, what we are really doing is just judging ourselves of not being worthy before we’ve even given ourselves a chance – holding back on the life we really want because of fear of judgment from others.

So next time you find yourself holding back, don’t reject yourself ahead of time just so that others won’t reject you later.



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