Sometimes You Just Know


It’s funny how something can be there in the background serving you all your life.  Even when it’s not been brought into your conscious awareness. That feeling, that knowingly, the unconscious message that you are getting about someone or something. Have you noticed that when you can really shut everything out and listen it’s nearly always right?

It was only when I started my coaching training that I was made aware of it as a strength.  But, looking back it had been there all along. It was there guiding me through all the decisions.  But because when I was younger, I didn’t always trust it.  I’d sometimes block it out and convince myself to follow another path.

In traditional education, we are taught to weigh up the facts, think rationally. I’d ignored this part of me for a long time, thinking it was a bit weird! It had always been there, but I didn’t always have confidence in communicating it and often held back. It’s not often mentioned in education or business.  And, I think, that’s why I didn’t feel confident in communicating what it was telling me.

Looking back, it was always right and has served me far more than when I’ve used more tangible information.

Intuition has served me so well in the property.  The things I’ve done that others thought were crazy have often turned out the best!

We get all the paperwork in order, but the most reliable piece of information about tenants has always been intuition! It’s only when I’ve ignored my intuition because I’ve been panicking about filling a room that I’ve ever been let down.

What I love about coaching is that it allows me to see the great in my clients; see so much vast potential, that often they can’t see in themselves. And once their awareness of their true greatness is raised, amazing things start to happen!



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