Taking a Risk

When was the last time you took a risk?

A lot of women, especially mum’s don’t

They hold back on the things that they really want to do

Because they are scared

Scared of what might happen if they fail

It’s not good to fail

It’s good to get things right, the first time

We soak up everything we are taught and then we get a test to make sure we’ve learnt it

That’s how it works right?

Except in life, what happens when we do that?

We don’t break the mould and we don’t believe we could be anything other than what we already are

You see, I never believed I could be a property investor because it was something I’d never done

All I ever thought I could do was the admin, manage other’s properties and do all the work

Then I realised the only difference between me and the clients I was working for?

They had taken a risk that I was too scared to take

Now, I take risks all the time and make mistakes. Because do you know what?

That’s the only way to learn. And if you don’t learn then you don’t grow

Why aren’t there more women in property investment?

Because they are scared, scared of breaking the mould and being the investor, rather than working hard

Because it’s good to work hard, for someone else, to please someone else

Working hard, whilst someone else gets rich, rather than getting rich ourselves, is what, as women, we are taught to do

So, to anybody who is too scared to take a risk:

– Work out what you’re actually risking by not taking a risk, a life of never knowing?

– Start small with something that you are comfortable with, if you’ve got a new business idea, share it with a small group of supportive people first

– Listen to podcasts by inspirational entrepreneurs whilst you are doing the household chores, Leveraged lifestyle by Catherine Turner and Mindset with Neil and Will are great


It’s totally normal to feel fear when trying something new


The danger is rather than feeling the fear and doing it anyway as Susan Jeffers says

That we get paralysed by the fear and we let it stop us

So we do nothing and tell ourselves that it’s OK because we didn’t want it that badly anyway

And then we look at others…..

That’s what I did

looked around at what I could have had if I’d invested in property when I was too scared to do it

Thankfully, I decided to take the risk before it was too late, because do you know what if you don’t take that risk then you could be risking a whole lot more!



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