What My Clients Say

"Gemma is an excellent coach. I had 6 coaching sessions with her recently and the coaching made a massive difference in helping me to manage time and resources at work so much better than before. This has meant that overall I’m less stressed and much more able to enjoy my time away from work with my family and friends.

Gemma is a warm and friendly coach. I felt at ease talking to Gemma straight away. She gave me lots of space and time to explore my situation thoroughly. She asked very powerful questions which challenged me and really got me thinking about changes that I could make to improve my situation. She helped me identify blind spots which had been keeping me stuck in a difficult situation. She was always encouraging and supportive and I finished the series of coaching sessions feeling much clearer, calmer and more confident about the future"
Fiona Ashmore
"Gemma coached me to achieving a number of my goals. We started by figuring out what I really wanted to achieve, we then worked together to create a clear definite plan of how I was going to achieve it and the mindset required to approach key milestones.

Gemma also gave me the confidence to push through barriers and fear which led to opportunities for myself. I would highly recommend Gemma if you are looking to go to the next level.

Thanks again Gemma for all your help,"
"Gemma is truly amazing at what she does!

I’ve worked with her over the last couple months and she’s got a way of asking the right questions, which turns my (usually) negative mindset on it’s head.

I would come to her with ideas of these multiple streams of income that would come my way, and within minutes she’s made me look at what the big picture is and allowed me to work out what is best for me and why.

I would finish each session with a new outlook and mindset and new tips and tricks to making sure I challenged negative thoughts.

I would highly recommend Gemma for any type of coaching or mentoring work!! She is so so good and working with her has definitely given me the confidence in both life and career! "
Melissa Lewis