The Secret To Living Longer

The Secret To Living Longer

Apparently, it’s all due to not retiring!

As a property investor, they often ask what my expedited retirement age is when I fill in forms for mortgage applications. I always find it a really strange question because I’d rather concentrate on building a future that I don’t need to retire from.

It never made sense to me the idea of working your whole life until 65.  Or probably 75, now, to then get some time, in the end, to enjoy life, if you’re lucky.  Rather than finding something that you love to do so much that you don’t want to retire from it.

Even though I’ve been in Marrakech this week, I’ve still had some “work” to do.  And pretty much every single day, I have to do something for one of my businesses.

When I used to work for someone else, I was really resentful if I had to take calls or respond to emails whilst I was on holiday.  Now, I’d much rather trade having to spend a few hours online whilst I’m away for the freedom of having the choice of how I spend the days when I go back.

Because when you can find work that you love doing, that’s moving towards a bigger goal, it really doesn’t feel like work at all!

I’ve been reading Ikigai, The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life.

It’s all about finding your Ikigai –

What you love
What the world needs
What you can be paid for
What you are good at –

Finding your life purpose.

The key to living a long and happy life apparently is not retiring, but finding work you love to do.

I honestly do love learning and personal development, coaching and helping people; and the freedom that property has given me and hope that I never retire.



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